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05.17.2024 - New genome available

The Vitis vinifera cv. Muscat of Alexandria cl. FPS02 genome is now available at chromosome scale.

04.24.2024 - New genome available

Vitis vinifera cv. Malbec cl. 136N genome is now available

04.24.2024 - New genome available

Eutypa lata EN209 genome is now available

04.04.2024 - New genome available

Vitis vinifera cv. Mgaloblishvili genome is now available

02.20.2024 - New genome available

Vitis vinifera cv. Thompson Seedless cl. FPS02A genome is now available

02.14.2024 - grapegenomics website upgrade

Grapegenomics has a brand new look and embeds new features.

12.19.2023 - New genomes available

New wild Vitis genomes and data on

12.19.2023 - New Press Release

Genetic Diversity of Wild North American Grapes Mapped.
Wild North American grapes are now less of a mystery after an international team of researchers led by the University of California, Davis, decoded and catalogued the genetic diversity of nine species of this valuable wine crop. [... see more]

12.19.2023 - New Article

A super-pangenome of the North American wild grape species.
Capturing the genetic diversity of wild relatives is crucial for improving crops because wild species are valuable sources of agronomic traits that are essential to enhance the sustainability and adaptability of domesticated cultivars. Genetic diversity across a genus can be captured in super-pangenomes, which provide a framework for interpreting genomic variations. [... see more]