Vitis vinifera cv. Malbec cl. 136N

Photo credits - Dr. Luciano Calderón

Species: Vitis vinifera
Accession: Malbec cl. 136N
Assembly version: 1
Assembly type: pseudomolecule

Notes: The nomenclature was modified from the original file to ensure the uniqueness of the chromosome identifiers.

Diploid genome assembly of the Malbec grapevine cultivar enables haplotype-aware analysis of transcriptomic differences underlying clonal phenotypic variation
Calderón Luciano, Carbonell-Bejerano Pablo, Muñoz Claudio, Bree Laura, Sola Cristobal, Bergamin Daniel, Tulle Walter, Gomez-Talquenca Sebastian, Lanz Christa, Royo Carolina, Ibáñez Javier, Martinez-Zapater José Miguel, Weigel Detlef, Lijavetzky Diego
Horticulture Research (2024)