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12.12.2019 - New BiorXiv

The genetic basis of sex determination in grapevines (Vitis ssp.)

Sex determination in grapevine evolved through a complex succession of switches in sexual systems. Phased genomes built with single molecule real-time sequencing reads were assembled for eleven accessions of cultivated hermaphrodite grapevines and dioecious males and females [... see more]

12.12.2019 - New Paper

The genomic diversification of grapevine clones

Vegetatively propagated clones accumulate somatic mutations. The purpose of this study was to better appreciate clone diversity and involved defining the nature of somatic mutations throughout the genome. Fifteen Zinfandel winegrape clone genomes were sequenced and compared to one another using a highly contiguous genome reference produced from one of the clones [... see more]

11.13.2019 - New Book

The Grape Genome

This book describes the current state of international grape genomics, with a focus on the latest findings, tools and strategies employed in genome sequencing and analysis, and genetic mapping of important agronomic traits. It also discusses how these are having a direct impact on outcomes for grape breeders and the international grape research community. While V. vinifera is a model species, it is not always appreciated that its cultivation usually requires the use of other Vitis species as rootstocks. [... see more]




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